The “Trout de l’Aston” fish farm specializes in breeding trout in the fresh waters of the Aston valley.

The "Trout de l'Aston" aquaculture farm is above all a magnificent and wild setting, it is located in the heart of the Aston Valley, at the foot of the Plateau de Beille.

Created in 1952, fish farming has always enjoyed an excellent reputation, on the one hand, for the quality of the water that feeds it (direct supply from the Aston river and many mountain lakes thanks to a very extensive hydrographic network upstream), and on the other hand by the environment in which it is located.

This unique environment allows Aston trout to benefit from growing conditions close to those of their wild cousins.

Taken over in 2017 by Morgan Catala and Amandine Lafon, the operation is now enjoying a new lease of life.

* Life cycle and feeding:
The Aston Trout has a long life cycle, necessary for balanced growth, close to the wild state. This long growth is partly due to very cool water temperatures (between 0 and 14°) and a reasoned diet.

Indeed, the fish are fed by hand. The food rations are calculated according to the average weights in each basin.

Its diet is mainly composed of fish flesh, in order to respect its basic diet, it also feeds on micro-organisms and insects which the river is naturally rich in.

* Work on the farm:
The daily work of the "production team" is to take care of the trout and ensure their well-being: water management, taking oxygen measurements in the water, hand feeding and the most sweet possible.
A sorter and a mechanical fish pump allow you to be immersed in the water all the time and therefore less stressed.

The daily work has only one goal, to offer products that are still as qualitative as ever, with a farming method that respects the environment.


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