Flore des Cimes is an agroecological mountain farm that offers a range of products from wild harvesting and the cultivation and processing of aromatic plants, fruits and berries.

Located in Boussenac, on the sunny side of the Ariège Pyrenees, the farm benefits from a territory preserved from pollution and the rigors of a climate which reinforces the character of the plants. These are cultivated naturally, in harmony with the environment: no pesticides but vegetable preparations, cleaning and enrichment of the land by animals, mulching and beneficial associations.

Different animals are associated with cultures:
The upkeep of the orchard and the grassy plots is entrusted to the horse, which also provides quality manure.
Parasite control is the domain of the hens which are left free on the estate but can be confined to a specific location if necessary. They also participate in the nitrogen enrichment of the plots.
The undisputed specialists in hunting slugs are Plouf and Jackson, the Indian runner duck couple.

Artemisia shop
Municipal campsite
At Andi's
Filiozat Pie Pharmacy

Biomonde Gaia, 8 bd Peyrevidal
Chez Cécile, 15 Quai du Gravier
Croustades Martine Crespo, 38 rue du Docteur Mazaud
The large organic basket, avenue Aristide Bergès


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  • Nature and Progress

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