This atypical stay is out of the ordinary because it accumulates all the records! Take advantage of your group trip in the Ariège Pyrenees to visit our exceptional natural sites. You will start with the Niaux cave, one of the rare decorated caves still open to the public, then the Trimouns quarry, the largest talc quarry in the world; Mirepoix and its cathedral, whose nave is one of the widest in Europe and Lombrives, the largest cave in Europe but also Labouiche, the longest navigable underground river in Europe and finally the Mas d'Azil cave, unique cave in Europe that can be crossed by bus!

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1 - Visit of the Niaux cave

1 Day: Walk through a long underground gallery with a portable lamp to reach the Salon Noir, which has housed drawings of animals made by prehistoric humans for thousands of years. Guaranteed emotion sequence!

Lunch at the breeder's restaurant, Maison Lacube in Les Cabannes.

2 - Visit of the Luzenac talc quarry

At an altitude of 1 m, facing the Pyrenees and with enormous machines, men discover, extract, sort and transport talc, the softest and most tender rock on earth.

3 - Guided tour of the magnificent bastide of Mirepoix

2 Day: Located in the land of the Cathar Pyrenees, Mirepoix, the medieval one, will seduce you with its houses made of wood and cob and its architecture on the model of the typical country houses of the South-West.

Lunch at the Lons restaurant in Foix.


Guided tour of the Lombrives cave in Ussat-les-Bains: Access to the entrance is by small train. More than 20 million years old, this cave conceals a geological and natural heritage that is unique in the world: grandiose rooms, spectacular concretions, long galleries with magical aspects (the Mammoth, the Witch, the Tomb of Pyrenees…). At each step, a mystery, a legend!

Hypocras tasting in Tarascon-sur-Ariège.
This medieval aperitif, made from father to son since 1870, reproduces identically the beverage made from aromatic plants and spices so much appreciated by Gaston Fébus, Count of Foix-Béarn.

Dinner and overnight at the hotel ** Les minotiers in Mirepoix.

5 - Guided tour, by boat, of the underground river from Labouiche to Vernajoul

3 Day: You will follow the underground river for nearly 1,5 km. The exceptionally long and varied route takes you from room to gallery, adorned with a multitude of concretions, gours and waterfalls.

Lunch at the restaurant La Terrasse at Mas d'Azil.

6 - Visit of the Mas d'Azil cave

This site shelters prehistoric remains under a 65 m high porch, crossed by the river and by the road which leads to the village.

Tasting at the croustade shop and at the craft brewery in Saint-Girons.

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