We offer you an immersive experience to learn while having fun! Visits to 2 new sites: Talcaneô and the history of Talc, Mountaneô and the mountain water odyssey.


Ariège Pyrenees

South of Ariège, on the border with Andorra, are the Ariège Pyrenees. Between mountainous landscapes and activities, there are many [...]

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1 - Guided tour of the talc quarry and museum in Luzenac

10h: Enter a unique site: the largest open-air talc quarry in the world. You will be able to take part in an exceptional visit of the quarry of Trimouns in activity.

A guide will explain the extraction of talc to you thanks to an unobstructed view of the vein, the quarrymen who are busy there and the machines with which they work, impressive in their size. As close as possible to talc, you will be able to touch it, understand why it is found here, and why talc is a material with exceptional properties used everywhere around us. In order to explain to you the life around talc, you can visit in addition to the quarry the talc museum of Luzenac which will immerse you in the heart of this extraordinary adventure which is the exploitation of talc. You will discover the secrets of its extraction in the quarry until its use in many fields more unusual than surprising.

12 p.m. Picnic from the bag.

2 - Guided tour of the EDF hydroelectric power station and the interpretation center in Orlu.

13h30: We offer you the opportunity to enter the EDF hydroelectric power plant in Orlu. Closer to the turbines, a guide from Mountaneô will explain to you how electricity has been created from hydraulic energy in the Orlu valley for more than a century. Since its construction and the filling of the dam, the Orlu hydroelectric power station has been an exceptional industrial site in the Pyrenees. Come find out why!

While strolling through the three houses of Mountaneô, you will learn how water, biodiversity and man have lived together in the Orlu valley for millennia. Come and discover the testimonies of inhabitants of the valley and EDF employees, the immersive and interactive museography, the Hydrogame: an escape game during which you will be at the controls of a hydroelectric power station.

16 p.m. End of activities.

Educational goals :
- Understand and describe the real world, that of nature and that built by man.
- Develop the sense of observation and raise awareness of local and natural heritage.
- Develop your sense of reflection, of deduction.

Optional: the walk with marmots in the national reserve of fauna and flora of Orlu with a mountain guide.

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Child: 13,20 €
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(from 10/07/2023 to 03/11/2024)
Min. 13,20€

Base 20 children

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Picnic and transportation

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Guided tours of the quarry, the hydroelectric power station and self-guided tours of Talcaneô and Mountaneô

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