A unique discovery day around life and earth sciences.
Young and old will be captivated by this day full of discoveries and sensations.

From the immensity of the Mas d'Azil cave and its cavities, you will discover the infinity of the sky and its mysteries at the Sabarat astronomical observatory.

In the programme : 
10:30 am Guided tour of the Mas d'Azil cave and free visit to the Interpretation Center Discover the cave and its amazing dimensions! The guided tour of the upper cavities will be adapted to the age of the children:
- Cycle: Storytelling tour Once upon a time in prehistory; 
- Cycle 2: The Prehis-Artists; 
- Cycle 3: Before France ... the first Homo sapiens in Europe
- Cycle 4: The long history of Homo Sapiens. 
OPTIONS in supplement: thematic workshops (painting on pebbles, game of hunting...)

12 noon: Picnic from the bag at the southern entrance to the Grotto.

13:30 pm Guided tour of the Astronomical Observatory in Sabarat Thanks to specific instruments, come and discover the hottest and most massive star in the solar system: the Sun. In the evening, the telescope and its 450mm diameter mirror will allow you to contemplate the craters of the Moon or marvel at the rings of Saturn. 

Opportunity to complete your day with evening observations. 

Educational goals : 
- Acquire landmarks in time and space as well as knowledge of the world around us.
- Understand and describe the real world, that of nature and that built by man. 
- Respect the living and acquire responsible behavior - Create a link between the participants through common activities. 

Additional Information :
A second group can be formed if the numbers are too large.

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