Take advantage of the marked tour of the Pérics tour to do the permanent trail!

This route of 49 km and 2 m of vertical drop is possible during the entire period of opening of the refuges from the beginning of June to the end of September (consult the keepers concerning the snow cover for the month of June ...).

It is very varied with beautiful rolling portions on the Cerdans altiplanos and more technical portions in the screes of the wild Ariège valleys. You run in the middle of numerous ponds, straddling the watershed of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.
This permanent trail was created in a playful and good-natured spirit where only pleasure and personal satisfaction count.

For the contemplative or those who wish to take more time, you can do this trail in two days, you just have to cut the route of the classic Tour des Pérics in two.
Depending on your place of departure, there are stages of about 24 km for a little more than 1000 m of vertical drop. This will also allow you to enjoy a beautiful evening in one of the four mountain huts on the circuit.


Ariège Pyrenees

South of Ariège, on the border with Andorra, are the Ariège Pyrenees. Between mountainous landscapes and activities, there are many [...]

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