Discover the exceptional setting of the Nordic area of ​​Beille for a great sled adventure!

Nordic escape:
Immersion in the great white!
Welcomed in the heart of the Angaka sled dog park, you will start your activity with a visit to it and an explanation of the composition of a team of 10 dogs: the expressions lead dogs, swing dogs, team dogs, wheel dogs will no longer hold any secrets for you.
You will see the team of dogs being put in the team which will be led by your musher and you will set off for a 40 to 45 minute ride on the wonderful slopes of the Plateau de Beille.
During the course, the musher will present his profession and his passion for harness dogs to you. Several breaks will be provided for photos.

Great North Walk
Comfortably installed in a large sled, let yourself be guided by a state-certified musher, to the rhythm of his Nordic dogs: exceptional and endearing animals.
Set off for a long course in the heart of the magnificent landscapes of the Plateau de Beille, the jewel of our beautiful Ariège mountains.
Your musher will also be happy to share his passion with you by revealing all the secrets of his pack and all the tricks of the trade, you will be surprised at the tenderness and softness of these furballs!

In the heart of the pack / Immersion in the pack
Let yourself be overwhelmed by their joie de vivre ...
Everything you wanted to know about our sled dog friends ...
Come and discover these exceptional animals, enter their fascinating world and be surprised by their gentleness, tenderness and complicity!
We will share our passion with you during a guided tour as close as possible to our "furballs" that you can touch and stroke.
We will also teach you all the tricks of the musher profession and all the secrets of this extraordinary bond between man and his friends from the far north!

Grand trapper initiation (subject to availability and on request during the Christmas and February holidays)
Make your dream come true: drive your sled and put yourself in the shoes of the mushers of the far north
The introduction to driving a team will allow you to become a real musher for half a day. On groomed and off-trail tracks, we will explore the valleys of the Beille plateau. Dogs will be at the heart of the activity.
While getting to know them, we will evolve in various situations, all conducive to technical learning and the pleasure of sliding with the dogs.

Additional Information :
- In case of absence of snow, the activity will be replaced by the cani-kart. - IMPORTANT: a sled cannot exceed 4 people and 180 kg.


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Prices / Opening

Far North Walk - Child (3 to 11 years old) €37,00
Nordic escape (Price per sled) €272,00
Far North ride - Adult from 12 years old €57,00
In the heart of the pack - Adult €15,00
At the heart of the pack - Child (3 to 11 years old) €12,00

Payment method

  • Bank / credit card
  • Cheque
  • Classic Holiday Vouchers
  • Cash




  • Supervised practice
  • Workshop / Initiation / Discovery

Sports activities

  • Winter sports
  • Sled dogs

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