Le Jardin des Sens is a mini-golf course on grass like nowhere else ...

Located in the heart of nature, the Jardin des Sens is organized around an 18-hole lawn minigolf course. Laid out in a 100% ecological way, the course crosses 5 exotic themed gardens
To welcome you, an organic café set up in the heart of a real outdoor lounge awaits you! You will be able to relax on deckchairs or hammocks while taking advantage of this exceptional natural setting.
In addition to this, other workshops allow you to learn and have fun:

Outdoor playground
Route of fragrant plants
Permaculture gardens
And many others …

The proposed formulas
- 1 day at the Jardin des Sens: 6 euros per person!
Access to the entire playground for the whole day. Golf equipment is provided as well as material for all other activities! You can take your picnic and eat there!

- 24h at the Jardin des Sens: 15 euros per person!
You will have access to an outdoor kitchen, a barbecue location, solar shower and sanitary facilities as well as a location to put your tent or hammock! Take advantage of the Jardin des Sens for 24 hours!
(Breakfast for 5 euros more)

- Rental of a wooden chalet: 40 euros for 2 people!
Stay for 24 hours in a charming wooden cabin in the heart of the Jardin des Sens! Equipped for 2 people, you will have a fully equipped room with a large double bed and a wooden terrace where you can fully enjoy the garden!
You will have access to an outdoor kitchen, a barbecue site, solar shower and sanitary facilities! Take advantage of the Jardin des Sens for 24 hours!
(Breakfast for 5 euros more)

- Rental of a barbecue area: 10 euros!
Only 10 euros for the whole group! Come and have your grills at the Jardin des Sens!

- Events or birthdays: 6 euros per person or 10 euros per person with afternoon tea!
Celebrate your child's birthday by spending the day at the Jardin des Sens!

- Theme day: 10 euros per person
For groups of children, adolescents and / or handicapped people. Possibility of doing themed days: introduction to permaculture, discovery of biodiversity or learning to garden in an ecological way. Only on reservation

- Woofing at the Jardin des Sens: Free
Do you want to come and help keep the garden running smoothly? Come woofing at the Jardin des Sens! You will be fed and housed in exchange for your help. More info by clicking on the link below.

Opening hours:
July and August: open every day from 10 a.m. to 00 p.m.
Other periods: open by reservation for groups and Leisure Centers, weekends, public holidays, and Wednesdays from 14 p.m. to 19 p.m.


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Prices / Opening

Package: 15 € Package: 6 €
Price Min. Max.
Package - 24h day Min. €15
Package - Mini-golf course Min. €6



  • Free practice

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  • Mini golf