Come practice and discover Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga with Caroline


A millennial teaching originating in India, Hatha means union of the moon HA and the sun THA.
It is the union of opposites, of body and mind, of our masculine and feminine polarities, it is a return to unity.
Hatha Yoga is a traditional yoga where the accent is placed on the prolonged maintenance of the postures rather than on their sequence.
It consists of different forms of postures (Asana) requiring controlled movement, conscious breathing (Pranayama) and concentration (Dharana)
It is a real moment for oneself where the individual quietly installed in the posture places himself as an observer of both his own body and his mind.

Physical benefits: Develop the flexibility of your spine and your joints, strengthen and tone your muscles, develop your immune system, relax the nervous system, increase your endurance.

Mental benefits: calm your mind, focus your attention, sharpen your concentration, free your soul
Duration of the session 1h15


Yin Yoga is a recent discipline (1990) which has its foundations in Taoist philosophy and traditional Chinese medicine coupled with yogic knowledge.
It is a yoga that responds to the need to slow down.
This practice involves relaxing the muscles to work on the deep structure of the body, i.e. the connective tissues (facias, tendons, joints).

Thus, there is the possibility of experiencing letting go through effortless action (Wu-Wei) and allowing the free flow of energy (QI).
Finally, the last aspect of Yin Yoga and which makes it special is the calm brought by its mediative approach.

This yoga is an invitation to gentleness.
Here each posture is performed on the ground, and is maintained between 3 and 5 minutes.
Maintaining physical and mental relaxation is supported by the use of cushions, bolsters, blocks etc....
This yoga is a complement to dynamic yoga or sports practices in their own right.
Duration of the session 1h15

Additional Information :
The practice is accessible to everyone, beginners and experienced, reservation required.


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From February 19 to 30 June 2024
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