With this pedestrian rally, with family or friends, and in the company of our friends the donkeys, share a rural day under the sign of conviviality.
For small children and people with reduced mobility, a donkey is equipped with a small carriage.

In the program :
- A pedestrian rally in the company of our friends the donkeys, to do with family or friends.
- Rallye Âne's main goal is to discover the pleasures of walking with our big-eared friends. They will gladly carry your things and picnic in their bags!
- On the course you will find games and puzzles relating to your fellow traveler or to our beautiful region.
- You can enjoy a gourmet picnic halfway along the route.

From 2 adults and with a maximum of 6 people per donkey.
Remember to book in advance, it is difficult to have a donkey available the same day.

Our friends the dogs are not allowed on the Rally because the donkeys do not support them.

We also welcome holidaymakers in a “Roulotte” guest room by the pool.

Prices :
- Rental of an equipped donkey for the day of the game: 25 €
- For the Donkey Rally game: € 25 for over 16s and adults. € 10 for children under 16 and over 5. Free under 5 years old.

For Handicapped or small children, our donkeys can be equipped with a small carriage.

Opening hours:
Open from April to the end of October by reservation.

We don't take credit cards


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Prices / Opening

Adult price: 25 € Reduced price: 10 € Child rate: € 5 Adult price: 25 €
Price Min. Max.
Adult price - For the game Rally Donkey +16 years Min. €25
Reduced price - For the Rallye Âne game for under 16s and over 5s Min. €10
Child rate - For the Donkey Rally game -5 years old Min. €5
Adult rate - Rental of an equipped donkey for the day of the game Min. €25


  • Groups of 2 to 6 people welcome


  • For all