The grocery store offers basic necessities, many products from local producers in the Pays d'Olmes, a bread depot, La Dépêche, a photocopying service and soon the sale of tobacco La Maison de la montagne aims to recreate social ties in a rural village taking into account eco-responsible values ​​by offering quality food and financially accessible to allA bar with an IV LicenseA beautiful terrace allows you to enjoy a pleasant moment of relaxation for both locals and hikers and cycling lovers who love the surrounding passes Montferrier is located in the south of the department of Ariège. It is a village of 1 inhabitants with a primary school and a post office. Who are we? We are from Montferrier where our family lives and where we have had our second home for over 500 years Our attachment to Ariège and more particularly to the Pays d'Olmes reinforces our desire to participate in the development of village life and the economy localIt is in this spirit that we opened a multi-service grocery store with a bistro corner in August 25: La Maison de la montagne Around Montférrier The Monts d'Olmes ski resort is in the town of MontferrierThis is also a point of passage for hikers on the Cathar path of the GR 2020 (Chemin des Bonhommes) which crosses the village The municipality has in progress a project to reopen the municipal campsite with the creation of wooden chalets. These chalets would be manufactured by a company in the municipality using trees cut in the forest of Montferrier. Reception Annie Ha Van and her children, Caroline and Kevin welcome customers in a warm atmosphere Opening hours 107 a.m. - 7 p.m. (high season) 20 a.m. - 7 p.m. / 13 p.m. - 15 p.m. (low season) Closed on Mondays Address Place de la montagne - 19 Montferrier Tel: 09300 05 61 01 05Facebook & Instagram: The Mountain House


Cathar Pyrenees

Located to the east of Ariège, on the border of the Aude, this territory, labeled "Country of Art and History", revolves around [...]




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