A beautiful stroll between the alleys of the city of Saint-Lizier and the intimate paths of Couserans, to reach one of the most beautiful belvederes in Ariège: the tuc du Montcalivert and its splendid view of the lord of Couserans, the Valier.

Departure access: You can park in the car park at the top of the village of Saint-Lizier, there is space and it is free.


Couserans Pyrenees

On the western part of Ariège, the Couserans and its 18 valleys is a vast territory divided between high mountains, mountains and [...]


Your itinerary

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1 - Departure

Go up to the Bishops Palace. At the car park, follow the dirt road opposite which bypasses the ramparts from the outside. 50m after the rampart, you turn right onto a path that climbs towards the Croix de Pouterolles. Take a left, pass the public bench and descend the grassy slope in steps. Then, take the road to the right, towards the cemetery.

At the crossroads, you continue straight on the dirt road. Pass the barrier set up to cross the meadow, and find the path in front of an old sheepfold and leave the property. Take a path on the left that goes up.
It becomes a road at the level of a farm and reaches a crossroads.

2 - Turn right towards Maubresc

Maubresc is visible below, up to the Calvary on the right of the road and turn left.
After about fifty meters, turn right (path).
Follow the road and turn left at the next crossroads (at this crossroads there is a small bridge which crosses over a stream, so do not take it; you can find an old washhouse below the crossroads on the south side).
About 200 meters later, take a gravel path on the left (recent in 2012).

3 - Tuc du Montcalivert viewpoint

Continue on the path which rises to the top of Tuc du Montcalivert.
Enjoy the place ...

4 - Go back down to the South-East

(with your back to the cross looking towards the Pyrenees, the path is at 10am) via a path in the undergrowth and reach Bergerat. Take the road, then turn right and cross the D18.
Continue on the path opposite (old Roman road) and arrive at an intersection with the GR®78 (Chemin de Compostelle indicated).

5 - Turn right, follow the GR®78 until you return to St Lizier

This GR® crosses Montjoie in couserans.
Unfortunately, the end of the hike is on the road so be careful. (D / A)