A great classic of the Vicdessos valley, the Pic des 3 seigneurs hike via the Arbu Pond is a loop that will delight hikers looking for beautiful viewpoints and calm and relaxing spots.

Access Departure: From Tarascon-sur-Ariège, take the D8 towards Vicdessos (km15). Follow on the right to Port de Lers via the D18 (km28). Port de Lers car park.


Ariège Pyrenees

South of Ariège, on the border with Andorra, are the Ariège Pyrenees. Between mountainous landscapes and activities, there are many [...]


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1 - Port de Lers car park

Join the third hairpin bend by the road towards Vicdessos (east).

2 - Start of the trail

Take the path on your left which begins with a slight difference in height and join the small Pont de Ganioule.

3 - Ganioule bridge

Just after the bridge, turn left. The elevation becomes more difficult until the Etang d'Arbu.

4 - Orri of the Three Lords and Arbu pond

It is possible to take a break at the shelter of the Three Lords (Orri). Etang d'Arbu is the ideal spot to eat and relax with a sublime view. Resume the ascent, steep at times, with the possibility of encountering blocks of frozen snow in winter. Cross some very steep passages (easy climbing passages - level 1) and arrive at a junction near the ridge.

5 - Branch, right

Turn right to continue the ascent (steep with occasional patches of frozen snow during winter) until you reach the Pic des Trois Seigneurs.

6 - Peak of the 3 lords

Take advantage of the incredible view from the Pic and turn back to return to the previous junction.

7 - Branch, right

Leave the path of the ascent on your left and walk along the ridge which offers you a spectacular view. Reach the Pic de Barrès.

8 - Peak of Barres

Continue your way on the ridge to a small pass (2005 elevation), an ideal place to rest or enjoy the scenery. Continue to Pic de Fontanette.

9 - Pic de Fontanette

Once at the peak, begin the descent.

10 - Descent towards the Port de Lers car park

It is gentle at first, then really steep until you reach the Port de Lers car park (D/A).