Discover the interpretive trail "a life of solitary" with a passage on the north ledge of the Mas d'Azil cave.

Forget for a moment who you are, the era in which you live, to put on the clothes of a shepherd or a poet, put yourself in the skin of a deer or the shell of a snail, to fly over the valley like a jackdaw… The ascent via the north ledge of the cave will be rewarded by the unobstructed view of the village and access to a dry stone hut.

Delicate passages on the ledge of the cave, steep descent on the return

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Arize - Lèze

The Arize-Lèze destination, halfway between Toulouse and the Pyrenees, on the slopes overlooking the valley, was born, there are [...]

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1 - Departure of the hike

From the car park of the cave, go through the wooden gate and walk along the meadow.
Once on the road, turn left and continue for 200 meters.
Go past the house and the place called “Baudet”.

2 - Panel "trail of the solitary"

Arrive in front of the sign announcing the Solitary Trail and pass through the chicanes.
Continue for 80 meters (first reading table: snails)

3 - Rock of Ravens

Continue along the ledge for 200 m. Bird's eye view of the Arize (second reading table: time).
Begin the climb under the limestone vault for 300 m (delicate and sometimes steep but fitted out): go past the pile of stones laid out as a staircase, climb the ladder, reach the handrail (third reading table: the lichen).
Continue the ascent to the boxwood.
After crossing the wood, turn left following the sign "Une vie de Solitaire". Continue along the fence.
Arrive at the Roc des Corbeaux (Roc des Courbasses in Occitan). Fourth reading table: the Choucas. Unobstructed view of the village and on a clear day of the Pic de Saint Barthélémy, the Plantaurel chain and the Arize Massif. The last reading table is a little further: The Lizard.

4 - Dry stone hut

Possibility of going to discover a dry stone hut starting on the right (round trip).

5 - Back to the starting point

Resume the route along the fence. Begin the descent for 500 m. Interactive terminal to discover along the way.
Turn left towards the car park to the wooden gate that joins the road.
Continue on the right to reach the car park of the cave, finding the same path as on the outward journey.