A beautiful hike on the heights of Mas-d'Azil to discover the dolmen of Cap del Pouech and enjoy a beautiful view of the village, with the Pyrenees as a backdrop.
The Cap Del Pouech dolmen
Dolmen of Cap del Pouech ©DR - Caves and Archeology - Ariège Pyrénées Tourisme

Departure/arrival: Place at the bottom of the city at Mas d'Azil


Arize - Lèze

The Arize-Lèze destination, halfway between Toulouse and the Pyrenees, on the slopes overlooking the valley, was born, there are [...]

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The dolmens

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1 - Direction the Dolmen

Cross the Louis XIII bridge and take the small road to the left towards the dolmen. Continue 300m.

2 - Junction

At the cross, leave the road and take the path which rises to the left (dry stone walls) towards the dolmen (sign). Ignore the chemin des Angles on the left and go up to an intersection.

3 - Dolmen

Leave the return path on the left, which descends to Mas-d'Azil (Chemin de Mathilde), and continue the ascent (fountain on the right). Get out on the road. Take it to the left. It runs along the Cap del Pouech property and leads to the dolmen of the same name. Retrace your steps, begin the descent and find the intersection on the way out.

4 - Return to Mas d'Azil

Go down to the right towards the Mas-d'Azil. Leave Chemin des Angles on the left and continue straight towards the river and the town. Cross the Arize and arrive at Place du Bout de le Ville via a footbridge. Turn left on rue du Moulin, then take rue des Gouzy to reach the square at the bottom of the town.