The loop offered here goes around the Natura 2000 site of the quères du Mas-d'Azil and will allow you to observe all along the route all that makes this area so rich.

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Arize - Lèze

The Arize-Lèze destination, halfway between Toulouse and the Pyrenees, on the slopes overlooking the valley, was born, there are [...]

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1 - Departure of the hike

Cross the old bridge and take the road that climbs the furthest to the left.
After 300 m, take the path to the left of the wooden sign "Dolmen".
Arrive at the top of the tarmac path, take it to the right towards Brillaud.
Continue straight, staying on the plateau overlooking the village of Mas d'Azil.

2 - Mount Calbech

The asphalt path rises by making bends.
In the tight curve turning to the right, at the wooden sign "Dolmens de Brillaud, Couminge" take the path which climbs to the left.
After a short, slightly steep climb, the path runs almost flat on the southern flank of Mount Calbech, first in the open offering a very wide view of the village, then in a grove of junipers, pines and oaks.

3 - Dolmen of Brillaud

At the intersection with another descent, turn left into the path bordered by fences which, among oaks and limestone rocks, climbs the ridge.
The path with small outcropping rocks runs along the latter and leads in 20 minutes to the Brillaud dolmen.

4 - Couminge Dolmen

Then continue in the direction indicated by the signs "Couminge" and "Les Moulis".
Walk for a long time towards the west on the heights of Plantaurel, often among the small oaks of the quères.
4 km after the dolmen, once met in the woods the path that climbs from Montfa, take the latter to the left going up.

5 - Join a grassy path

After a short detour to the nearby dolmen, follow the gravel path which passes to the right of the house to climb above the hamlet of Couminge.
Go straight down the track as indicated by the "Comrade" sign and, after the workshop, go down the path bordered by low walls to the D15 road which you cross and which you take in the direction of the road. climb over a distance of 200 m.
Leave the road to go down the path to the left which goes downwards, then take the grassy path which starts at a right angle on the left.

6 - Cross the hamlet of Lézères to join the D15 road.

Shortly after, you reach the small road to Lavielle which you cross in order to walk on the path which, on one side and then on the other of the stream, leads to Lézères.
Cross the hamlet and exit straight on the tarmac path which joins the D15 road.

7 - Go through the Lapostoul farm

Go down this for 500 m and leave it for the lane that goes left towards Seignas.
In the turning to the left, take the marked path which goes to the right.
Once past a ruin, the path leads through meadows to the Lapostoul farm.
After the new house, near the stable building, walk on the stony track as indicated by the wooden post showing the direction of the Dolmen du Cap Del Pouech.

8 - Turn left before Milhorat

Pass the barrier not far, to the left of the drinkers.
Following the markings, continue on the hillside to another barrier leading to the tarmac path which leads to the left to the Milhorat farm.
Just after the pond and before the buildings, turn left.

9 - Dolmen of Cap del Pouech

The wide path where the rocks emerge zigzags among the dry lawns and climbs slightly between two low walls near the oaks before stretching out flat and in the open, skirting a beautiful expanse of meadows.
Then continue the track in the lawns under the oaks.
At the intersection with the small road, go down it to the right to the Cap del Pouech dolmen.
Continue on the small paved road and in the hairpin bend to the left, leave it for the fairly rocky path which descends to the right.

10 - Return to the starting point

30 m below the fountain, turn right into "le chemin de Mathilde". This path descends near a small pond and then offers a view of the village of Mas d'Azil. Further down it leads into the pastures and leads back to the village gardens and the Arize river.
Cross the river on a concrete footbridge near the old mill.
To return to the Place du Fond de la ville, walk in the rue du Moulin immediately to the left and then in the Grande rue.