The Rulhe refuge via the Rieutort valley in the Aston valley is a magnificent flowery valley, with its cabin and the Ruille pond. Another way to access the refuge in a more confidential way.
Refuge du Rulhe via Le Rieutort
The Rhule Refuge © The Rhule Refuge - Ariège Pyrénées Tourisme

Difficulty: Do not undertake this hike in stormy weather.

Access Departure: Leave the RN20 between Aulos and Les Cabannes to take the D 520 which after the village of Aston, runs along the Riète dam and continues to that of Laparan where you go along for 500m to park on the RIEUTORT STREAM WATERFALL car park (1 m).


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1 - Departure of the hike

Departure from the CASCADE DU RUISSEAU DU RIEUTORT car park (1 m).


Take the path on the left which starts due north and quickly gains altitude, thanks to a steep series of bends, up to POINT COTE (1 m).
Walking more or less close to the right bank of the stream, the route rises gently from grassy flats to stony or marshy areas to reach the CABANE DU RIEUTORT (1 m).

3 - POND DE RUille (2 m)

Take the footbridge to cross the stream and turn left, towards the south, to go up the valley, gaining altitude on the mountainside, while gradually moving away from the left bank of the Rieutort to the large flat area where the path passes around the ETANG DE RUILLE (2 m) which it leaves about a hundred meters to the right, behind you, towards the North-West.


Continue due south. After a race between the nipples, a tough climb leads to the COL DU RIEUTORT (2 m).

5 - RULHE REFUGE (2 m)

Take the path which, opposite, heads south and climbs a hilltop which overlooks the REFUGE DU RULHE (2 m).

6 - Return

For the return 2 possible routes:
1. Take the same path as the climb.
2. From the refuge, head due east following the yellow markings to reach the GARSAN hut, then continue east then north-east to Pla de Las Peyres. From the car park, go down the road to the car.