The Pic de Soularac is the highest point of the Massif de Tabe, surrounded by the peaks of Saint-Barthélemy, Galinat, Han and Mont Fourcat. Around this mountain of Tabe, its peaks and its lakes, many legends and fantastic stories are told.
The Etang du Diable or Etang Mâle (63m deep), which is reached by going down from Saint-Barthélemy, brings together three legends feared by the inhabitants of the region.
All three evoke the violent storms and thunderstorms on this sheet of water, once probably larger, which was said to form a small sea.

Road access: To get to the Moulzoune car park, from Montferrier take the Rd9 towards Montségur then, on the right, take the Rd909 (Monts d'Olmes). About 3km after the hamlet of Ramié, on a straight line, turn left on the forest track called "Route de la mine". This track leads to a car park below the Moulzoune lake. Be careful on the way back, it is easy to take the wrong track: you must turn left when exiting the car park.


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1 - Moulzoune car park

From the car park, take the path marked out in yellow which climbs into the forest towards the southwest. The track borders the Moulzoune lake then, the old Fangas mine, and leaves the forest with important laces and after the "cowherd's hut", arrives at the Porteille pass which you will reach in one hour.

2 - Col de la Porteille

Walk on herbaceous ridges generally on a crest. The point of view is sublime towards the plain, you will see very well the lake of Montbel. Around 1800m you will see a hut on the left. Go through an electric fence.

3 - Bifurcation

You arrive at the junction of the path on the left, this is the start of the path towards the Étang des Truites. Leave this path on the left and continue straight ahead, still climbing towards the Pic. The direction is always South / Southwest. You quickly reach a pass at the bottom of the Pic massif. The trail then takes a clear southerly direction.

4 - Replat

After the ledge, the path leads to a small wood of hooked pines where the climb is firmer. Orange tags mix with yellow tags. You will be able to blow on a second ledge which leads to the stony croup-ridge overlooking the Etang des Truites.
Go up on the stony ridge, you see the Devil's Pond below on your left. The trail is well marked in yellow. It is after a slight slope crossing on the northern flank where you meet a rocky bar that is easy to cross by placing your hands once or twice. Climbing the summit in the sometimes unstable pebbles does not pose a problem in dry weather.

5 - Pic of Saint Barthélemy

Arrival at the top of the Pic de Saint Barthélemy. The panorama extends to the North as far as Foix and Pamiers, we can see in the distance to the West the Maladetta glacier (azimuth 250 °).
Allow about 3 hours for the descent by the same route, to the parking lot.