From the Col de Port, go for a pleasant hike without great difficulty, in a sublime setting, combining forest, stream and 360 ° view of the Pyrenees! The most of this hike: it is little frequented and has a picnic area.

Starting point: Starting point at the Col de Port from Massat or Tarascon-sur-Ariège.


Couserans Pyrenees

On the western part of Ariège, the Couserans and its 18 valleys is a vast territory divided between high mountains, mountains and [...]


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1 - Col de Port

Start by taking a wide grassy path facing South-South-East for about 300m.

2 - Bifurcation

Turn right at 90 ° and climb the narrow dirt path to the meadow / forest demarcation (also 300m).

3 - Forest meadow limit

From there, if you are in good shape, head south for 700m to reach the ridge line oriented North / East, descending from the Pic d'Estibat (choice shown on the route). If this is not the case, continue on the previous path, and continue to its end.

4 - Peak of the Pic d'Estibat

Turn right. The track is reduced but you are on the ridge line, which must be climbed, heading southwest.

5 - Pic d'Estibat

Arrival at the Pic d'Estibat (1663m). An exceptional panorama is offered to you with a 360 ° view of the Pyrenees chain.
The sequence of the circuit is downhill, off-piste because the path is commonly covered with vegetation, taking the fence as a landmark on the ridge, or the grass line on your right, direction West then North / West for 3km. Do not leave this direction until the pond. Join the Turon Ner.

6 - Turon Nere

Continue north-west to link up with a regularly dry stream in summer.

7 - Stream

Continue west. Step over barbed wire when making a 90 ° turn to the left. Continue your way due west, at times, you can see the roof of the sheepfold. Follow the stream or the dry channel, to go directly to the pond marked on the map (Gour du Souil) and to a small meadow.

8 - Gour du Souil hut

You will find two tables at your disposal as well as a hut, a pond and the Gour du Souil. It's the perfect place to have a picnic. From the pond, turn right and continue north-east for 50m when you reach the forest. You then arrive on a path which makes a 90 ° bend. Leave the uphill path on your right and take the left part which descends to join the GRP du Tour du Pic des Trois Seigneurs.

9 - GRP junction of the Tour du Pic des Trois Seigneurs

Take a right onto the GRP.

10 - Intersection towards Cartou

About 800m further on, leave the path that goes to the left towards the hamlet of Cartou and continue straight. The track follows switchbacks and leads you to the Col de Port and the parking lot at the starting point.

11 - Col de Port

The end of the circuit seems obvious, this wide path winding through the forest brings you back to the parking lot. Before arriving at the car park, there is a last steep slope, often very muddy, to the right which allows you to cut to reach your car.