Out of category the cyclotour of Ariège in 5 days – circuit n°11

Elevation 10460 D +

Distance 443 km

  • Departure 29 Rue Théophile Delcassé 09000 Foix
  • LOOP
  • Marking(s) NON_BALISE
This 5-day cycling tour combines the biggest passes of the Tour de France: La Core, Agnès and Pailhères at the Plateau de Beille. Tranquility of the roads, beauty of the landscapes and their wild character, the Ariege welcomes you with its most beautiful assets!


Foix Ariège Pyrenees

In the very heart of Ariège, at the foot of the Pyrenees, the Foix Ariège Pyrenees destination immediately catches the traveller's attention, with the three [...]

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Stage 1 - From Foix to Castillon en Couserans


Stage 2 - From Castillon en Couserans to Auzat


Stage 3 - From Auzat to Prades


Stage 4 - From Prades to Ax les Thermes


Stage 5 - From Ax les Thermes to Foix via the Beille plateau

1 - Stage 1 - From Foix to Castillon en Couserans

From Foix to Tarascon-sur-Ariège
Leaving from the Foix Tourist Office, head towards Ferrières-sur-Ariège by the D8A. Continue on the D8B then cross Arignac to reach Tarascon-sur-Ariège.

From Tarascon-sur-Ariège to Massat
Arrived at the Tarascon-sur-Ariège roundabout, take the first exit towards Foix, on the Route de Saurat then at the next roundabout (be careful with a lot of traffic) continue straight on towards Surba. Then, just continue on the D618 until you reach the Col de Port. Pass the Col de Caougnous, direction Massat by the D618 always.

From Massat to Saint Girons
After crossing Massat, continue on the D618, go through Biert then Lacourt and Eycheil before joining Saint-Girons; At the roundabout take the third exit towards Castillon en Couserans. Pass several traffic lights, at the next large roundabout take the third exit, D618 direction Moulis / Castillon.

From Saint Girons to Castillon en Couserans
On leaving Castillon en Couserans, stay on the D618 towards Moulis. In the village of Moulis, continue straight on the Route de la Gare (D618). Cross Luzenac, Engomer then arrive at Castillon-en-Couserans.

2 - Stage 2 - From Castillon en Couserans to Auzat

From Castillon-en-Couserans to Col de la Core
In Castillon-en-Couserans, continue on the D4 to Les Bordes-sur-Lez. Take a left onto the D17 towards Arrien-en-Bethmale. You will pass near Lake Bethmale before reaching the Col de la Core.

From the Col de la Core to Aulus les Bains
From Col de la Core continue to Seix on the D17. Arrive in Seix, take the bridge over the Salat then turn right towards Couflens de Betmajou by the D3. Then, fork to the left towards the D8F in the direction of Aulus-les-Bains. You will go through the Col de Latrape before arriving in the village.

From Aulus les Bains to Auzat
Continue on the D8F after Aulus-les-Bains then go up the Col d'Agnes to the Lers pond. At the pond turn right towards Auzat D18. Pass the port of Lers then go down to Vicdessos. In Vicdessos turn right on D8 towards Auzat.

3 - Stage 3 – From Auzat to Prades

From Auzat to Montsegur
From Auzat take the D8 towards Vicdessos. Pass Capoulet Junac, Niaux, arrive at the Sabart roundabout take the second exit towards Ussat to reach the city center of Tarascon sur Ariege. Go past the veterinary clinic on Avenue Péchiney. Turn left at the small roundabout D123, then right and right again cross the bridge over the Ariège continue on avenue Victor Pilhès, D618 pass Mercus and Garrabet, at the Saint Antoine roundabout, go straight to Montgailhard D117. In Montgailhard, just after the small square, be careful to take a small street on the right in front of the mayor, take the rue du pic then the school squares to join the D9A. continue to Soula, Leychert, Roquefixade. Cross Roquefixade still on the D9A join the D117. Pass the place called Pichobaco then turn right D509 direction Montségur. At Villeneuve d'Olmes turn right onto the D9. Pass Montferrier, to go up to Montségur. Whether or not to go down to the village.

From Montségur to Bélesta
From the Montségur pass, join the D9 towards Villeneuve d'Olmes, in the village turn right, take the rue du 19 mars, towards the town hall. Join the D509 turn left. Arrive on the D117, turn right, shortly after turn right towards Benaix still D509, continue straight towards Benaix on the D210 pass the village continue to the D117. At the fork turn right towards Quillan/Bélesta. Pass the sting, then Bélesta. From Bélesta to Prades In Bélesta, turn right on the D9 towards Fougax and Barinneuf, cross the bridge over L'hers, climb a little to join the D16 on the left towards Belcaire. Climb through the forest, pass the cross of the dead. Arrive in the department of Aude D29. Pass the Bénagues. Continue until the D613 turn right towards Ax les therms/Belcaire. Pass Belcaire, Camurac to reach Prades.

4 - Stage 4 - From Prades to Ax les Thermes

From Prades to Rouze
From Prades take the direction of Camurac D613, after Camurac, at the pass of the seven brothers (1253m) turn right on the D20 Niort de Sault. Stay on the D20 down into the gorges on a narrow winding road to Niort de Sault. Continue downhill on the D20 to the fork. Hang right towards Aunat /Rodome D20. Climb on the D20 to Rodome, then Aunat. In Aunat turn right towards Fontanès de Sault/ Font Romeu D29. Go up and down in the laces, at the fork, turn right towards Quérigut/Mijanes D118. Stay on the D118, pass the old Usson baths. Turn right D16 direction Rouze. Begin the ascent to reach Rouze.

From Rouze to the Col de Pailhères then Ax- Les –Thermes
On leaving Rouze, turn right D116 towards Mijanès. On leaving Mijanès turn right on the D25 col de Pailhères / Mijanès. Ascent of the pass then descent. Pass the Ascou station then the village. After the village of Ascou, turn left on the D613 towards Ax les Thermes.

5 - Stage 5 - From Ax les Thermes to Foix via the Beille plateau

From Ax les Thermes to the Plateau de Beille
Departing from the Ax-les-Thermes Tourist Office, take the D44 towards Vaychis, then take the D20 towards Caussou, one of the first villages on the ledge road to Senconac. You will fork to the left before descending on the D120 to reach Verdun and Les Cabannes. Arrived at Cabannes, take the direction of the Plateau de Beille by the D522.
From the Beille plateau to Foix
Once you have climbed, go down to take the D120 to Verdun and take the bends that go up to the D20, at the intersection turn left towards Cazenave Serre and Allens. Pass the village then direction Arnave, Bompas. At the fork, turn right on the D618 towards Foix/Mercus Garrabet. Pass Mercus, Garrabet, then arrive at Saint Antoine, at the Charmille roundabout take the second exit towards Montgailhard D117. Cross the village, then arrive in the commercial area, pass three roundabouts, take the direction of Foix and stay on the D117. Arrive at Foix, take the large roundabout take the second exit towards the city center and stay on the D117.

Congratulations, congratulations, you have just completed the Ariège cycle tour!

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