The greenway of the Cathar Pyrenees, a former railway line whose train whistled for the last time in 1973, is totally secure, giving rise to a very beautiful shaded walk.

Along this path, you will pass the surrounding villages, cross the lighted tunnels without any difficulty. Passage through the arboretum, the climbing site, the old stations along this greenway that lead you to Lake Montbel or this almost Mediterranean getaway offers you a change of scenery with breathtaking panoramas. This superb route, along the totally secure greenway dotted with old stations and several tunnels, will take you to Lake Montbel with magnificent views and an exceptional panorama.
To see: the churches of Dreuilhe, La Bastide/l'Hers and Peyrat, viewpoint at Mireval. Montbel Lake An artificial lake of 570ha, filled with water in 1984, Montbel is divided into several bodies of water, the largest of which is used for irrigation but also for leisure, swimming, boats, fishing, hiking, mountain biking... 195 species of birds are also observed on the site, which has earned it a place of regional importance with an ornithological observatory.

Starting point: music school car park, greenway entrance 300 m away.

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Cathar Pyrenees

Located to the east of Ariège, on the border of the Aude, this territory, labeled "Country of Art and History", revolves around [...]

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1 - Departure of the hike

Follow the old railway line for about 6km to La Bastide sur l'Hers then Le Peyrat (passage through the lighted tunnel).

2 - Waypoint 1

At a place called La Coume, turn left on a small path going up for 400m; we join the route de Mireval (yellow markings).

3 - Waypoint 2

Take it for 300m to arrive at the hamlet of Mireval (yellow and red markings) and go down again, turning right on an agricultural path. Follow the white and red GR7 B markings.

4 - Waypoint 3

Take a path on the right for 1km then turn right to reach the Croix de Saint Hubert for about 2km.

5 - Waypoint 4

From the cross continue for 800m.

6 - Waypoint 5

Then turn left at the bend towards the "Baylards".

7 - End of the hike

If you wish, you can go around the lake of Montbel. However, it takes a good three hours on foot to do it (around the lake 16km).