Starting from the top of the Col de la Core, the natural border between Haut Couserans and the Bethmale valley, this hike will take you to the Eychelle pond. From this pond, do not hesitate to continue your hike to the Eychelle hut, through very beautiful summer pastures, very popular with horses and sheep.

Road access:
2 possible accesses.
- From Seix, take the D17 towards Sentenac D'oust / Le col de la Core. Cross Sentenac d'Oust to the top of the Col de la Core where the start will be.
- From Castillon en Couserans, continue on the D4 towards Bordes sur Lez. Take the junction on the left, D17, in the direction of Arrien en Bethmale. Continue this road until you reach the Col de la Core.


Couserans Pyrenees

On the western part of Ariège, the Couserans and its 18 valleys is a vast territory divided between high mountains, mountains and [...]


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The path starts behind the commemorative stele. It is the GR10 Grande Randonnée trail (marked in Red and White) which rises straight up in the meadow on the ridge to reach a small mountain. Take a right. Continue on the path slightly downhill through a beech wood, cross a meadow and enter again into a small wood. From there, the slope rises until you reach a grassy flat area.


Leave the GR10 path on your right and take the path on your left along a stream. Then continue uphill until you reach a new junction. Take the path starting on your left which will lead you to the Eychelle pond.


You can continue this walk to reach the Eychelle hut. For that, from the pond, go to the right (leave the pond on your left) and continue the path which climbs against a small rocky bar. The trail is marked in yellow. Continue in the pasture after passing near an enclosure for animals. Continue to the hut.


The return will be made by the same route to the point of departure.