On the southern slope of the Tabe massif dominated by the Saint Barthélémy peak (2348m above sea level), the beautiful lake of Appy, renowned for its fish, is the opportunity for an easy hike of over 750m of elevation gain. From “la Corniche”, a plateau suspended at an altitude of 1000m, you will see, as you climb, the border peaks of the Aston massif. Sun, heat and panorama will be your accomplices during all this very pretty hike from the village of Appy.

Access from: Take the RN20 to Luzenac. Follow Lordat then take the Route de la Corniche (RD20) towards Axiat. 2 km further, when you reach the village of Appy, go up to the right and park in the car park provided for this purpose.


Ariège Pyrenees

South of Ariège, on the border with Andorra, are the Ariège Pyrenees. Between mountainous landscapes and activities, there are many [...]


Your itinerary

Map List

1 - Appy car park

Go through the gate at the threshold of the field, at the top of the car park.
Then take the path that goes north-east. The track is very good. Pass under a high voltage line.

2 - Bifurcation

At the first fork, turn right. The path on the left leads to a climbing wall.
Pass under a second high voltage line. Then go through a second gate that you will close behind you. Continue 1km on this stony path rising between the brooms.

3 - Intersection

Go to an intersection, turn left on the path which rises in laces. You will see a wooden sign as well as a yellow marking on a stone.
Continue the climb on a grassy ridge. You border a grove on the right.

4 - Second junction

When you reach a huge rock, turn right, heading north. The rest of the hike is on a false flat. 1,5km further, you arrive at the Pond of Appy and its hut.

5 - Point at 1172m

Join point 1772m, to the south, to enjoy an incredible view of the valley.
Then you just have to go back to the marked trail to return by the same route in the opposite direction.