This day hike will take you to the pretty Guzet pond via the sumptuous Ars waterfall, one of the most beautiful natural sites in Haut Couserans.

Road access: From Saint Girons, take the direction of Aulus les Bains. At Oust, continue towards Aulus-Les-Bains via the D32. Arrived at the village continue on the D8f in the direction of the pond of Lers by the collar of Agnes. Park at a crossroads with a commemorative stone.


Couserans Pyrenees

On the western part of Ariège, the Couserans and its 18 valleys is a vast territory divided between high mountains, mountains and [...]


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1 - Departure

From the stele, continue on the D8f which climbs for a few meters. At the directional wooden sign, turn right onto a path that descends. Follow it while remaining parallel and below the D8f. At the first crossroads, turn right onto the path that climbs (GR10 marked out in red and white) to a bridge.

2 - Mill Bridge

Cross the Pont de La Mouline and continue on the path, left bank of the river. Leave another footbridge on your left and continue to climb. After passing the Pas d'Enfer, the trail climbs sharply towards the Route Forestière d'Artigous.

3 - Forest road

Once arrived at this forest road, turn left, and follow it to a bridge, still on the left bank of the river. The markup is always the Red and White of the GR®10. Cross the bridge, then turn right and pass the right bank of the river until you reach a clearing from which we begin to see the Ars waterfall on the right. Continue to climb towards the waterfall.

4 - Waterfall of ars

When you arrive at the Ars waterfall, turn left (still on the GR10). The path rises steeply with many switchbacks then turns right to pass "above" the waterfall and arrive at the highest point, near "Cap de Pich".

5 - peak heading

Continue towards the footbridge over the Ars and cross it. Turn right and continue to follow the GR®10. Once out of the forest, the path goes right to pass a small stream and arrive at the Guzet hut.

6 - Guzet hut

Turn right after the hut and come back again into the woods. The path then slants to the left to pass over the Guzet pond. To get to the pond, turn left on the indicated path. Go up by the same path. Continue down the path before crossing the stream that descends from the Guzet pond and ending up on its left bank.

7 - Crossing

At this point, do not follow the GR10 which goes to your left and continue on the right path marked in yellow to reach the Souliou plateau. Continue the descent in the forest which is done in laces. After joining the forest track, cross it and continue opposite on the path which always descends into the woods to join the D8f road

8 - D8F

Go up this road to the left for a few meters, then take a path to the right, with a few concrete steps, and descend through the forest towards the village. Find the D8f again. Continue the descent towards the village by the road. Cross the bridge and turn right following the D8f road to reach the starting point.