Located on the GR10 hiking trail, this walk will take you to the Alate pond, via the port of Saleix, a real crossing point between the valleys of Couserans and Vicdessos.

In the village of Aulus-les-Bains, take the direction of Port de l'Hers on the D8f. After several switchbacks and a straight line, arrive at the car park, a place called "Coumebière". A hiking sign marks the start.


Couserans Pyrenees

On the western part of Ariège, the Couserans and its 18 valleys is a vast territory divided between high mountains, mountains and [...]


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1 - Departure

The climb will take place on the gr10 (red and white markings) towards the Port of Saleix. Cross the Coumebière plateau (summer). The trail then climbs in laces to the Port of Saleix.


Once in the Port, take the path (still the GR10) which climbs to the right on the ridge towards the Bassiès refuge, then take the well-identified path starting on the left to switch to the other side. The pond is in sight in this small descending part of the course but which is provided with a cable and steps. However, this passage does not involve any particular difficulty.

3 - Alate pond

Continue on this path which crosses boulders to reach the Alate pond.
The return is made by the same path to the Port of Saleix.