With a friend, we were looking for a not too long hike with an amazing picnic spot. After very short research, the Cagateille circus imposed itself on us. Seeing the splendid photos on the networks we wanted to see the 2rd Cirque des Pyrénées with our own eyes!

Arrival at the majestic Cirque de Cagateille ©Roxane Banos – Ariège Pyrénées

the trek

Departure: Le Cirque de Cagateille car park
↔️ Distance: 3.21 km
⏳ Duration: 1h30
📈 Elevation: 167m
🔴⚪ Marking: Red and white

A trip above all

We were leaving Foix and a few kilometers of road were waiting for us. However, this beautiful sunny day in June gave us the impression of going on a road trip, it smelled like holidays, freedom !

Arrivals in the Couserans this effect was amplified, the small winding roads crossing the forests of the Ustou valley already transported us elsewhere. The landscapes passed by, one more beautiful than the other, we got closer to the mountains, we could see the very special barns of Couserans along the road… Before arriving, we would have liked this journey to never end! Arrived at the car park, we grab our hiking bags, we should not leave without our delicious picnics!

An easy hike with many facets

The hike begins with a small climb and in the distance, we can already see the circus and its monumental waterfall, the excitement is starting to rise, we can't wait to get there!

We sink slowly into a forest that brings us freshness and shade, in June, the green of the moss and trees is flamboyant. This hike is far from boring, after the forest you cross a few rivers, also torrents and a multitude of small sublime waterfalls. We are transported to another universe, time stops, you could even imagine yourself in the Amazon at the other end of the world!

The wood begins to be less and less dense and we feel that we are getting closer to the goal...

A grand arrival

Here we are, after 40 minutes of walking without difficulty particular, the circus is pointing the tip of its nose. When we arrived, both had the same reaction: we stop, we look and the " Wow comes out on its own? It is a grandiose spectacle that is offered to us, the immensity of the circus, this environment so green, so peaceful, leaves us speechless.

We face the circus, our sandwiches in hand and we say to ourselves that we could not do better as a picnic spot! Once the supply is done, the belly full, we decide to get closer to the river to soak our feet a little, it feels a lot of good!

River under the Cirque de Cagateille ©Roxane Banos – Ariège Pyrénées

We cross the path of another hiker who approaches to discuss. He is not from the area and is delighted to see that there are not many people on the hike on such a beautiful day. He, braver than us, is about to hike to the Etang de la Hillette. A much tougher and much longer trail that is for good walkers who aren't afraid to do a bit of rock climbing along the way.

After this very nice discussion, he goes back into the forest to continue his journey while we go in the opposite direction to start the way back by the same route as on the outward journey. A beautiful morning ends with in our cameras great memories between girlfriends!

the most of the hike

  • accessible as a family, perfect for a great day out with your tribe!
  • authorized access for dogs
  • wow panorama!
  • public toilets at the start of the hike

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Stroll, contemplate, take full eyes, that's what I like the most! Always in search of visual nuggets, I like to be surprised by a medieval city, a castle, a country house, or even the great outdoors! My favorite in Ariège? The Plateau de Beille. The ideal spot to disconnect from everyday life and enjoy life!

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