At the foot of the Couserans mountains, Saint-Lizier is a city of Ariège steeped in history.

The first text that mentions the City dates from the beginning of the 506th century. (Notice des Gaules). It was at the time of the construction of the ramparts (late 79th early 1801th) that Saint-Lizier became the center of power for the Consorani, Gallo-Roman people. Towards the end of the XNUMXth century, the City of Saint-Lizier became the seat of the Bishopric of Couserans, whose first bishop would have been Saint Valier. The second bishop (mentioned at the Council of Agde in XNUMX) was Lycerius or Glycerius who canonized, became Saint Lizier, giving his name to the City. In the Romanesque period two churches were built: the Notre-Dame-de-la-Sède cathedral within the walls of the Palais des Évêques and the Saint-Lizier cathedral in the village which houses the treasury of the Bishops of Couserans and has a cloister novel. More than XNUMX bishops succeeded one another until the Concordat of XNUMX which suppressed the bishopric of Couserans.

This city is also a living memory of the great era of the pilgrimage to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle and a stage of the “Chemin du Piedmont Pyrenees” (GR78). As such, since 1998, various monuments have been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The city of Saint-Lizier is part of the Grands Sites Occitanie “Ariège Collection”. It is of essential interest due to its many monuments, testimonies of this rich historical past.

At your disposal, a visit booklet revealing the particularities of the City of Art and History. Come stroll through the flowery alleys that will take you through the history of this place and also discover its imposing monuments: two cathedrals, a Romanesque cloister, its old XNUMXth century Pharmacy, its Episcopal Palace, ... 

Departure: Saint-Lizier Tourist Office, village 09190 Saint-Lizier
Duration: 1h or 1h30


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