The Popular Arts and Traditions group Les Biroussans was born in 1921 in the Biros valley in Castillonnais.

The artistic and scenic experience of the Biroussans allows them to promote Couserannaise culture in a unique way. The enthusiasm and energy of the dancers and musicians reflect the joy of life and generosity. Choreographed shows and traditional balls amaze all audiences and reconcile them with traditional dances. The group is a major player in the safeguard, promotion and dissemination of traditional Couserannaise and Gascon culture.

He assumes his role of representative or ambassador at home and abroad.

Composed today of about sixty dancers, singers and musicians of all ages, in two formations, adults and children (the Massipous), the group highlights a complete range of traditions through its dances, its music, its songs. , its costumes and its know-how.

The values ​​of conviviality, sharing and solidarity allow meeting with other partners. It is therefore on its territory that it organizes two highlights each year: La Sent Joan Beth e Gran and La Nuit du Trad '. La Sent Joan (June 23) is the celebration of the rise of the herds in summer with the rituals related to fertility and the celebration of light. The Nuit du Trad '(early November) allows for a modern expression of popular culture, and is one of the essential trad dance platforms in the Occitanie region. 

In markets, demonstrations or local events, in other provinces or outside our borders, the Biroussans work for transmission throughout the year. 


Couserans Pyrenees

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Cultural activities

  • Performing Arts
  • Singing and choir
  • Dance