Some aspiring cooks may be wondering how to make a mirepoix ? Mirepoix, a well-known culinary technique, should not be confused with brunoise or macédoine! This technique was invented at Mirepoix and is still widely used in the culinary field.

So how do you cut a mirepoix of vegetables?

Légumes taillés en Mirepoix Ariège Pyrénées
Vegetables cut in Mirepoix © Pixabay / Catceeq

It is a mixture of 3 vegetables: carrots, celery, onions.

Take the vegetable of your choice and peel it.

Cut it by its half lengthwise.

Then place the flat side against your cutting board.

Cut the vegetable again in half lengthwise.

Now cut cubes of one centimeter aside.

La regularity of the cut makes cooking homogeneous. The Mirepoix of vegetables is a mixture of tastes and colors ideal to accompany white meats and fish!

For the little story…

La Mirepoix would have been created around 1780 by the cook of the first duke of Mirepoix, Gaston Pierre de Lévis, Marshal of France and ambassador of Louis XV (or by the widow of the duke, the mystery remains whole…). Many other creations from the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, such as mirepoix, do not bear the names of their creator but of the master to whom he served this culinary novelty.

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