Mirepoix, a small architectural gem of Ariège, enjoys an exceptional position between Foix, Toulouse et Carcassonne always. Rainbow of colors, its sweetness of life does not leave you indifferent.

A story between wars and destruction

Mirepoix knows the fate of the Cathar bastions of Languedoc. The city was in fact won by Catharism, and was taken by Simon de Montfort, leader of the crusade in 1209. The destiny of the city was played out once again in the XNUMXth century.rd century. It was flooded by a violent flood which destroyed the town built at the foot of the castle and killed a large part of the population.

Rebuilt on the opposite bank, Mirepoix then became a “new town” rebuilt on a so-called “checkerboard” plan, typical of the bastides of the South-West.

Unmissable visit to the HEART of the Land of Art and History

Make a stop in the city of Mirepoix during his stay in Ariège is almost essential, for the bastide itself, and for the territory of the Country of art and history to which it belongs: the Country of the Cathar Pyrenees.

Le Country of the Cathar Pyrenees in Ariège is a territory labeled by the Ministry of Culture as a country of art and history. In this context, it offers awareness of local heritage which results in a program of activities throughout the year. At the heart of the 57 communes that make it up, there is a circuit of more than 120 interpretation panels in the heart of the villages, educational activities for children promoting architectural, natural and even industrial heritage.

The big market of Mirepoix

Not to be missed under any circumstances: the big Monday morning market ! You will enjoy strolling between the stalls, in a friendly and colorful atmosphere. By the way, speaking of gastronomy, do you know how to carve a Mirepoix of vegetables ? This technique comes from us!

Place des cutlery, MAISON des Consuls… Visual gems

The atmosphere of the city is lived on the place of cutlery, which has managed to preserve its medieval appearance, its narrow streets, its church of astonishing proportions, its colorful houses, and its small canal at the end of the city... Stroll, observe and suddenly come face to face with the famous House of the Consuls! This superb half-timbered house on wooden galleries is adorned with pieces of wood carved with strange human heads and grimacing monsters…

Maison des consuls à Mirepoix Ariège Pyrénées
House of consuls © Ariège Pyrénées Tourisme / S.Meurisse

Sainte-Maurice cathedral

The discovery does not end there, since by turning around, the Sainte-Maurice cathedral looks down on us. This behemoth, whose construction spanned 6 centuries (just that!), was restored by a student of Viollet-le-Duc in the XNUMXth century. It has the widest nave in Europe in its style: southern Gothic.

In short, a friendly and colorful atmosphere!

Mirepoix is, in addition to undeniable architectural riches, a sweetness of life, a place where we stroll, we meet the locals, we take a tour of talented artists (very many), we buy a typical product, we sit on the terrace for a coffee ... in short, where we take the time to live. Quite simply.

Near Mirepoix, it is easy to discover the villages of Camon, the rock church of Vals, the castle of Montségur, Pamiers, the waterfalls of Roquefort or even the lake of Montbel.

To discover also ...

In short, what to do in Mirepoix?

  • Go to the market on Monday morning
  • Visit the city by strolling under the covers and on the square
  • Observe and admire the Maison des Consuls and its sculpted wooden heads
  • Visit the Saint-Maurice cathedral
  • Discover the shops of the city's local artisans
  • Take the time to meet and discuss with the locals, the inhabitants called the "Mirapicians"

TO PREPARE YOUR trip to Mirepoix

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