Foix, prefecture of Ariège, is a charming town located at the crossroads of two rivers, the Ariège and the Arget. It is also from this particularity that the name of the city comes! Foueich (the fork) (Yes Foueich = Foix!).
The city, developed at the foot of Foix castle, is overlooked by the Prat d'Albis (1200m altitude), the Pech terraces (850 m) and the Holy Savior (700m); between piedmont and mountain it symbolizes the gateway to the Ariège Pyrenees.

The medieval center of Foix?

Although the first fortress erected on the rocky outcrop dates from Roman times, the city developed in the Middle Ages. Visiting the city allows you to discover its architectural heritage.

The small narrow streets, the passages, the Pontils of the rue des Grands Ducs, half-timbered houses on Place Parmentier, the so-called “goose” fountain which in fact represents a swan, the grain market, theSaint-Volusien abbey... all the ingredients are present in the center of Foix, you just have to keep your eyes open and dare to take the detours through the alleys ...

The names of the streets and squares along the way evoke the atmosphere of the city in the Middle Ages: place du mercadal, Rue de la Faurie (from the forge), hatters street, grain hall, rock street, rue des Marchands, rue du four d'amont, place aueurre ... to really discover the atmosphere and history of the Middle Ages, a guided tour of the town of Foix is ​​essential!

What are the most beautiful streets in Foix?

For half-timbered houses, pontils and other architectural features!

  • Streets of the Grand Dukes
  • Duthil Square
  • Auberge Miranda rue de la Faurie
  • Saint-Volusien Abbey
  • House decorated with caryatids facing the prefecture

Did you know?

The inhabitants of Foix are called the fuxéens and the fuxeans!
Toco y se Gauso, which means "Touch it if you dare" is the motto of the city, inherited from Gaston Febus.
The coat of arms is visible at n ° 23 rue de la Faurie.

The CHÂTEAU de Foix, in the HEART of the medieval center

Le Foix castle, on its rocky peak dominates the city. A museum area of ​​2000m², at the foot of the castle, allows you to immerse yourself in the history of the Middle Ages before entering into total immersion in the castle. The visit takes 3 to 4 hours, taking the time.

Highlights in Foix

Markets and fairs

Every Friday morning the grain hall and the Saint-Volusien square are adorned with stalls of fruits, vegetables, cold meats, cheeses, fish, meats ... breeders, producers, local and local market gardeners come to sell their products at Foix market. On the alleys of Vilotte we wander between crafts, clothes, utensils and other colorful art objects. The 1er, 3rd and 5rd Mondays of the month the fair is held on the same premises.

Shows, concerts, plays

As for cultural events, the city is not left out, Foix is ​​home to theEstive, national scene which offers a year-round program punctuated by concerts, plays, conferences, workshops, screenings of author films, shows for children ... but also street shows such as All Foix All Flame. An artistic course on the theme of fire to discover by strolling through the streets of Foix, at night, with gloves and hat because it is in December!

The Great Festivals of Foix, with fireworks from Foix castle, have been taking place for decades on the first weekend of September, it's a must! Moments of reunion between Fuxéens and visitors is a tradition that Fuxéens do not miss. The fireworks always leave stars in the eyes.

The tour of France ?

Foix has seen the Tour de France in the city. The arrival of the peloton at Prat d'Albis on July 21, 2019 for the 15rd stage of the Tour de France 2019 is one of the historic moments! An unprecedented arrival in the history of the Tour!

Where to take the best photos of Foix? ?

Vue de Foix depuis les terrasses du Pech Ariège Pyrénées

Views of the castle, while staying in town:

  • From the cours Irénée Cros between the old bridge and the junction of the station
  • From the terraces rue Jean Monnet
  • Au Espinet Theater

Views of the city from the height:

  • Au Prat d'Albis
  • To Pech terraces

Without forgetting the view over the city from the top of the square tower of the castle !

Near Foix, it is possible to visit charming villages: Mirepoix is located just 40 minutes from Foix, Camon and Carla-bayle 30 minutes away! Would it be a shame to do without it?

To prepare your trip to Foix