In Ariège, there are places that speak for themselves, sensational, strange places that remain etched in memory: this is the case. by Labouiche, the longest navigable underground river in Europe ! 60m underground, the river offers an exciting journey into the underground world, and even after years of exploration and visitation, the underground river of Labouiche still retains many mysteries ...

The Venice of Ariège

La underground river of Labouiche, discovered in 1908 was the object of numerous explorations, some of which turned out badly, the current of the water much too strong for the explorers… By dint of perseverance, it is in fact 3800m of galleries which were thus discovered!

The explorations made it possible to open to the public this fabulous network of galleries and underground rivers from the XNUMXth century, where various geological formations amaze travelers young and old!

Various objects from the prehistoric age were also found in the cave (flint weapons and reindeer antlers), adding to the discoveries made in the Niaux caves, Bedeilhac, or those of Mas d'Azil.

Did you know?

You can reach the entrance to the underground river of Labouiche by taking the greenway "Foix ➡️ Saint-Girons", on foot or by bike! A walk to do before or after your visit!
Discover the green way

The visit, a unique experience

Immediate boarding on a boat ! The river can be gently explored, discovering impressive stalagmites, stalactites and waterfalls!

The course, which extends over 1 meters and 60 meters deep, is commented by passionate guides, who pull the boats along the river with the sole strength of their arms (ropes are present along the walls)! They share anecdotes and secrets, while scientifically explaining the formations of all the concretions in the cave.

A fun ride that is sure to amaze young and old!

“Magnificent place; We take full eyes, a wonder of nature, accompanied by our 4 year old daughter who had wide eyes. Great visit with an awesome pro and humorous guide, we loved it. "



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