Both a park and a museum, the Prehistory Park in Tarascon-sur-Ariege is the essential place to discover, young or old, the Cro-Magnon life having fun. For a day, through the animation workshops, travelers learn to hunt, to paint on the walls, to cut flint, to light fires like 14.000 years ago and even to excavate like archaeologists! An immersive place to understand prehistory in Ariege !

Prepare for an unforgettable trip to the past

The Grand Atelier, 2500 mXNUMX museum space2 introduces travelers to the art of Prehistory through films, objects and life-size replicas such as the reproduction of the Salon Noir de la Niaux cave, the “Niaux interdicts” and the Marsoulas cave.

Luckily, the Park can be visited in all weathers, all the workshops being covered!

In the shadow of Cro-Magnon

Within the Grand Workshop, travelers are witnessing a real virtual experience! They enter the cave and let themselves be carried away by a animated show combining grandiose video projections and sounds. They then become witnesses to the passage of the Cro-Magnons. In the bowels of the earth, they watch these artists create, they listen to their music and participate in their secret rituals.
An unforgettable immersive experience!

The space "the giants of the ice age"

In the heart of a glacial landscape, the emblematic prehistoric species await the curious: leo caves, bison steppes, mega-deer or the most famous of them, the mammoth woolly. They are large, imposing and realistic: they are larger than life, children are almost intimidated! Reproductions of caves and prehistoric objects complete your visit. The “Giants Challenge” area finally invite the most playful of all to face these animals through new experiences and games!

Educational workshops

The workshops. of the Prehistory Park offer all young and old children immerse yourself in the daily life of prehistoric men, through initiations of thruster shooting (the weapon of the cro-magnons), initiations in painting, stone engraving etc!

The prehistoric park is closed during the winter season. It reopens its doors in the spring.

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