What can we say about the Pic du Tarbésou except that it is one of the most beautiful views of the Pyrenees chain ? Set back from the chain, in the Donezan, it sits at an altitude of 2m. He is a extraordinary belvedere on the highest peaks of the Pyrenees, Ariège, Aude, and Pyrénées Orientales.

Easy access for a sumptuous view?

Vue sur les sommets depuis le Tarbésou

The Tarbésou peak is an easy hike, which allows you to discover the surrounding peaks such as Soularac, or the Dent d'Orlu which spread out before our eyes.

Below the peak of Tarbésou, facing you, the ponds of rabassoles, blue and black, nestled in a warm universe, surrounded by hook pines and rhododendrons.

From the Tarbésou peak, it is possible to reach these wonders by making a beautiful loop of 6 hours of walking.

On the left are the valleys du Laurenti et from Balbonne, surely the wildest and most amazing corners of Ariège and on the right the Luzenac talc quarries perched in the foothills of the Soularac peak.

What do we love?

Go up at sunrise and admire the millions of colors of the mountain changing according to the position of the sun. From black blue to gray, then to yellow and green, passing through a pink-orange sky, the experience leaves you speechless ... And in addition, at this hour we are alone, person at the top ! (Watch the time of sunrise, and count to leave 1 hour before at the front from the car park).

The Pic du Tarbésou in winter, a white paradise

The slopes of the Pic du Tarbésou are real playgrounds in winter, dominating on both sides the stations ofAscou and Mijanes Donezan ! Beginners and experienced skiers hurtle down the slopes while snowshoeing or ski touring enthusiasts try their hand at climbing the Coumeille de l'Ours pass!


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