There are bewitching places, bathed in mysteries, which remain engraved in memory: The castle of Montségur, famous Cathar castle, in Ariège, large site in Occitanie, is part of.
Grandiose and unforgettable, this is how the lucky ones who have trod the polished stones of its steps describe it.

Montségur, refuge of the Cathars

Montsegur, perched on its "pog" at 1207m altitude, is not only a beautiful walk, a beautiful view of the Pyrenees and the valley, it is the witness to a tumultuous past which has stirred the south-west of the France from the XNUMXth century, when the Catholic Church undertook a crusade to eliminate all "heretics" cathars (a religious deviance that appears in Languedoc)!

The castle of Montségur, is one of the last refuges of these " men », persecuted by the Church.


The castle of Montségur is located 20 minutes from Lavelanet by car, and 40 minutes from Foix.
The ascent is done on foot, well shod! From the car park, at the bottom of the castle, there are:

  • 30 minutes walk
  • 170m vertical drop

We arm ourselves with patience and we go quietly! ?

The ruins of the castle of Montségur, are charged with a powerful emotion and the ascent cannot leave indifferent… the sight on the summits of the solid mass of Tabe and the plains extending until Carcassonne no more !

Vue sur le pog de Montségur
View of the Montségur pog © Ariège Pyrénées Tourisme / S.Meurisse
Visite guidée au château de Montségur
Guided visit to the castle of Montségur © Ariège Pyrénées Tourisme / S.Meurisse

Pssst: Apart from enjoying the fresh air, you absolutely must attend the guided tour, which transcribes the history of this place and transports anyone a few centuries back in time!

From the castle you can see the village of Montségur, which, nestled at the foot of the mountain, is home to the Montségur museum ! A place that tells us about the Cathar “heresy” and the terrible crusade that followed, and daily life on the pog.

Live a Cathar journey

Two essential hiking trails pass through Montségur: the Cathar trail (GR367) which goes from Port La Nouvelle to Foix and the Bonshommes path (GR107) which goes from Foix to Berga in Spain.

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