The Pyrenees are recognized for their number of lakes of incredible purity, at the foot of majestic peaks. Lake Oo, Lake Ayous, Lake Gaube, Lakes of Bouillouses, Bethmale lake… So many lakes to discover by car or hiking in the Pyrenees!

Ariège and its 400 mountain lakes

In Ariège, the lakes are also called “ponds”. Why ? We often differentiate the two, even if scientists do not always agree on the subject ...

The lake and the pond are both bodies of water but they are different in size and depth. The lake is larger and deeper than a pond, but we mainly rely on the factor of "thermal stratification" to distinguish a lake while for a pond, we consider the water which is more stagnant, a very different ecosystem. from that of the lake.

Among the most remarkable, we find, the Lake of Bethmale, the lake of Montbel or, Mercus et the pond of Lers ! Accessible by car, these lakes are both of great beauty, but also great spots for family picnics or leisure activities !

The ponds and lakes can also be discovered by hiking! Thus the ponds of the gardelle, the pond of Ayès, the ponds of rabassoles, or bassiès are revealed after a few hours of walking!

Our selection of the most beautiful lakes

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Le Lac de Bethmale



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The famous lakes of the Pyrenees

From the Pyrénées Atlantiques to the Pyrénées Orientales, the mountain range offers wonderful times of disconnection and contemplation on the shores of lakes, each more beautiful than the next. In the Atlantic Pyrenees, in the Ossau valley, we find Ayous Lake, famous lake which sits at the foot of the Pic du Midi d'Ossau. In the Hautes-Pyrénées, it is the Gaube Lake, which is the pride of the Cauterésiens. Described from 18e century and the beginning of Pyreneanism, by Victor Hugo himself, the Vignemale is reflected in him.

In Haute-Garonne, it is the Lake Oo which offers in 2 hours of walking, a wonderful change of scenery. The waterfall that flows into the lake is simply sublime!