Exceptionally wild and unspoiled territory, Ariège develops the curiosity of its travelers, gives them extraordinary experiences, and immerses them in a unique atmosphere and dynamics, to the rhythm of hikes, downhill biking or canyon jumps.

Territory exceptionally wild and unspoiled, Ariège develops the curiosity of its travelers, brings them to life extraordinary experiences, and plunges them into a unique atmosphere and dynamics, to the rhythm of hikes, downhill biking or canyon jumps.

a 100% hiking, trail and cycling destination

If there is one destination in the Pyrenees that is ideal for hiking, it is Ariège! Between great hiking trails, Great Crossing of the Pyrenees GR10, Snowmen path GR107 ou Cathar trail GR367, or day hikes to high altitude lakes and ponds or vertiginous peaks, hikers are kings.

Mountain trails are also suitable for trail practice and the place of the most beautiful trail races in the Pyrenees: the challenge of the montcalm, the trail of the 3 lords… to name a few!

Ideal routes for the cyclists on this mountain territory that loves cycling! Legendary passes, sensational bends, incredible viewpoints ...

Descent to MTB in the resort, in the forest? Thanks to the many signposted routes, low or high elevation, everyone will find their happiness, thrills guaranteed!

Top outdoor activities in Ariège

Outdoor activities do you want some here!

Fun, sensational, and above all to feel alive. Ariège is an infinite range of possibilities for practicingoutdoor activities, where each experience ultimately becomes a real adventure!

Canyoning en Ariège Pyrénées
Canyoning jump - © Ariège Pyrénées Tourisme / S.Meurisse

En été, rafting on the most beautiful rivers of the Pyrenees, Canyoning in azure blue lagoons worthy of the creeks, hydrospeed on the Ariège? The practice of white water sports is ideal with us!

Finally, the destination is an opportunity to practice exploratory sports like the potholing or climbing, or gentle activitiesAs golf.
In winter, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or even unusual activities from the far north, dog sledding, ski-joering, ice climbing will delight families and fans of sensational outdoor activities!

Ideas for outdoor activities

We love it ❤️


We love it ❤️

Le ski de randonnée

Kick of ❤️

Balade en traîneau à chiens

Incredible nature spots

Stunningly beautiful, it's hard not to remain amazed at a view of the Pyrenees from the Pic de Saint Barthélémy, stay glued to the color of the Bethmale Lake near Saint-Girons, or Montbel, fall in love with a warm sunset at Prat d'Albis on the heights of Foix. Ariège is finally lucky enough to have so many wonderful spots, that it is possible not to meet anyone on the way to get to one of them.

A green lung in the HEART of the Pyrenees

Walking in the middle of forests like that of Sainte Croix Volvestre or Belesta, moving forward following the sound of streams, waterfalls, being amazed in front of a chamois, roe deer, or our dear marmots, this is how a journey to the heart of Ariège. It is the promise of wide open spaces, of course, but it is also the promise of a reconnection to the essential, to nature. 

To be able to breathe deeply again, to be able to freshen up the mind, cut off from everyday life, this is what Ariège offers to each of us.

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