In the heart of the Ariège Pyrenees, the Orlu reserve,located after Ax-les-Thermes covers 4248 ha of high mountain from 930 to 2765 m above sea level. Protected area classified as a “national hunting and wildlife reserve”, the Orlu valley offers a dream setting for discovering mountain biodiversity and observing wildlife in its environment.
An adventure with a subtle blend of disconnection, contemplation et exploration !

Hikes to do in the Orlu reserve

Many hikes are to be done in the Orlu reserve! The most emblematic is surely the one that goes up En Beys Refuge ! After 3h30 of ascent in the valley, after crossing the famous Jasse d'en Gaudu, landmark of marmots, we finally reach thepond d'en Beys and to its refuge which overlooks it! An extraordinary place, of incredible beauty!

Good to know

In summer, the region sets up shuttles at 1 € only to get to the Fanguil car park, the starting point for many hikes and activities! It runs Monday through Friday.

What will you have the chance to observe in the Orlu Reserve?

In the Orlu reserve, you can meet many species on the trails, if you are curious, attentive and observant! So which animals is it possible to meet?

  • of marmots of course !
  • of chamois (for the lucky ones) 
  • of Ptarmigan
  • of Capercaillie, endemic to the Pyrenees

To put all the chances on your side to get to see these different species, you have to go for a walk with the Mountain Observatory, fascinating professionals, with very sharp eyesight who will make you discover the riches of our mountains!

Continue the discovery in the valley

Carte de la vallée d'Orlu

The Orlu valley is structured around the reserve and two emblematic villages, Orlu and Orgeix. These two small mountain villages, with stone houses and slate roofs, are a place of rest and disconnection, to the sound of the Oriège, the river which flows nearby. You immediately feel good when you are in the Orlu valley.

As a bonus, we never get bored ... House of wolves, donkey farm, Horse ride, Tree Climbing park, hydroelectric power station visit… There is something for all tastes and all ages!

Activities to do in the Orlu valley

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