Magical and mystical place, Bethmale lake CouseransIs a true wonder of nature with its waters emerald color. Nestled in its green setting, in the heart of Regional Natural Park of the Ariège Pyrenees he is adored by walkers, fishermen and storytellers. Unique in Ariege, it guarantees a total change of scenery in all seasons!

A green setting, paradise for walkers

At an altitude of 1m, we discover an exceptional lake, bewitching, which leaves no one unmoved. With its emerald waters and its deciduous forest, Lake Bethmale is a real corner of paradise.

Accessible directly by car, it is the perfect place to go for a walk (around the lake, take around 45 minutes), picnic and have a pleasant moment with family or friends. For those who prefer to make the pleasure last, there is also an easy circuit that leaves from the small village of Ayet to reach the lake.

The legend of the witch

This special and mystical place lends itself to fairy tales and stories. The best known is certainly that of the witch of Bethmale lake! Discover the lake legend !

A tourist fishing route to learn about fishing

Bethmale lake is a journey of fishing tourist since 1967. At the time, few fishermen had the privilege of being able to cast their line there; the road access does not exist, it was necessary to walk 1h30 from Ayet. Since then, arrangements have been made and anyone (by providing themselves with a fishing card) can try to catch a trout (rainbow or fario) or even a brook salmon !

A sublime lake in all seasons

All the seasons sublimate Lake Bethmale in their own way: 

🌷 In spring the appearance of intense green foliage, 
🍁 In autumn the leaves cover the ground around the lake in a soft orange, 
☀️ In summer the sun makes the emerald color of the lake sparkle, 
❄️ In winter the snow covers the tops and trees with a beautiful white coat. 

So no matter the weather, or the time of year, it's always a good idea to go check it out!

To discover around Bethmale ...