What should be absolutely see in Ariège Pyrénées? what is unmissable, incredible, unforgettable on our destination?
We have made a selection of the most beautiful villages to explore, of the most majestic forests in which to get lost, lakes with hundreds of reflections in which to swim (for the bravest!).
This way ?

Renowned medieval castles

Difficult not to stop at Foix castle whose popularity in the South-West is extraordinary, just like treading in the footsteps of the last Cathars by climbing the steps that lead to the castle of Montsegur.

Château de Foix
Grenadine-colored Foix castle © Ariège Pyrénées Tourisme / S.Meurisse

Amazing caves

Cave paintings more than 14000 years old, a sign of the presence of Man for millennia, or stalactites and stalagmites forged by water and time, the caves in Ariège still have many secrets to reveal to travelers.

Unmissable typical villages

De Mazeres, pretty country house with red bricks, Mirepoix and its half-timbered houses, passing through St. Lizier, episcopal city, and Foix, each of the strongholds of Ariège has a particularity which does not leave indifferent travelers, and leaves in memory an imperishable memory.

Incredible lakes and nature spots

At the heart of this unspoiled, pampered and verdant nature, there is ponds accessible by hiking, lakes accessible directly by car like Bethmale or Montbel, roaring waterfalls loaded with water like the famous Cascade d'Ars and many other treasures to discover!
Do not forget your smartphone, because there is bound to be an instagramable spot in Ariège Pyrénées!

Lakes and nature spots

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The Ariège is the gateway to unspoiled nature, remarkable and unmissable places, very close to the great sites of the Pyrenees: wide open spaces, numerous lakes with emerald colors, forests with hundred-year-old trees… Coming to Ariège is s '' offer the privilege of exploring intimate and wild places. Some [...]

The most beautiful castles

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Nestled at the foot of the Pyrenees, Ariège, this land of resistance, brings together essential places of medieval history: from the Castle of Foix to that of Miglos, to that of Montségur, the history of each of these citadels cannot be overlooked. can leave indifferent. Between triumphs and massacres against a backdrop of Catharism, the [...]

Caves and Prehistory

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Ariège has 6 caves to visit, the largest number in the entire Pyrenees and Occitanie chain! To explore a cave in Ariège is to let yourself be carried away by stories of exceptional natural and prehistoric discoveries ... such as the Niaux cave, the Mas d'Azil cave, or [...]

The most beautiful villages

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Ariège has 6 picturesque villages, including Camon, the most beautiful village in France. Immerse yourself in time with our magnificent medieval towns, their narrow, almost secret alleys and their half-timbered houses. Sometimes, when looking up, we glimpse pontils in the streets of Foix, we no longer know where [...]