I have been creating for 35 years in several fields: jewelry, mosaic, as well as painting on clothes.

For 10 years, I have devoted myself almost exclusively to jewelry, conceiving them as paintings or sculptures, as an “art to wear”.

Because I myself have always been in search of what is original and authentic, I invite you to discover my creations.
Each of them is the result of a passionate search for rare, precious and often very old materials. The result is a unique, signed piece whose name tells a story.

My jewelry is therefore the story of multiple inspirations and encounters.
Encounters of words, colors and sensations, encounters of materials and dreams, materials that crystallize my dreams ...

At the crossroads of places, spaces and times, I like, thanks to these “Barokethnik” jewels, the idea of ​​this encounter with the Other.

Opening periods:
Open daily from 11/07 to 11/09, 14 p.m. to 20 p.m.
Open every Sunday afternoon, all year round.

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