A few kilometers from Mirepoix, in the small valley of the Bessous stream, blocked to the north by the immense Bélène forest, largely open to the south towards the Hers river, with the St Barthélémy massif on the horizon and the Andorran ridges, the sunny village of Manses, is dominated by a majestic Romanesque church.

The originality of the commune of Manses is to have changed its name 4 times over the centuries and political changes.
From St Jean de Manses, Benedictine priory of the Middle Ages, to Portes named after the Marquis who acquired it in the 1889th century, to Manses during the Revolution then again Doors to the restoration and until XNUMX, when the inhabitants revolted against their lord.

With an essentially agricultural and forestry activity, Manses enjoys a privileged environment and fights to preserve it.


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