The origins of the town of Foix and of the Saint Volusien church are not well known.

It seems that the first church dedicated to St Nazaire was built at the foot of the rock overlooking Foix.
In 870, there is talk of a monastery in honor of Saint Volusien, built on this place.
It will be well protected, being bounded by two rivers, the Ariège to the east and the Arget its tributary to the north.
To the south, the abbey church is built.
Before leaving for the 1st Crusade, the Count of Foix Roger II vowed to build a new church in honor of Saint Volusien. Romanesque in style, it will be inaugurated in 1112.The abbey becomes the privileged place of life politics and religion of Foix.

The history of Saint Volusien takes us back to the end of the 5th century.
Bishop Volusien administers the city of Tours which is on the border of two kingdoms: to the north, that of the Franks whose leader Clovis will be the first king baptized in the Catholic religion, and that of the Visigoths to the south of which Toulouse is the capital.
In 495, Volusien, victim of the repression of the Visigoths, was arrested and placed under house arrest in our region, probably in the Ariège valley, where he died shortly after, without having regained his freedom, of natural death, no doubt.
But later, he is presented as a martyr ... His legend rich in miracles will enhance the celebrity of the Counts of Foix, the protected of the Saint.

In the 16th century, during the wars of religion, the church was sacked and looted.Destroyed in 1580, rebuilt from 1609 to 1670, it is a southern-style Gothic church still retaining a Romanesque portal ... The modest bell tower dates from 1682.

In 1789, during the French Revolution, the monks had to leave the abbey. The buildings of the abbey currently house the Prefecture of Ariège.

Thus, only the abbey, the church of the abbey can be discovered.It has been classified as Historical Monuments since 1964.

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St. Volusien Square
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