Grand Site Occitanie "Collection Ariège", UNESCO World Heritage under the "paths of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle"

At the foot of the Couserans mountains, Saint-Lizier is one of the towns of the Ariège department with the most history.

Gallo-Roman city, former bishopric of Couserans and stopover on the road to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle, the city of Saint-Lizier retains many testimonies of this rich past.

The town is named in honor of Lycérius (second bishop of Couserans) who was canonized under the name of Saint-Lizier (XNUMXth century).

The ancient Gallo-Roman city of the Consoranni therefore became the seat of an important Bishopric from the XNUMXth century. Its revival, she knows it in the Romanesque period: two churches are then built: the church-cathedral of Notre-Dame de la Sède, today in the enclosure of the Palace of the Bishops and the church-cathedral of Saint-Lizier of the village, with its Romanesque cloister, and the bishops' treasure which houses the Renaissance bust of Saint Lizier.

The city is also a living memory of the great era of the pilgrimage to Compostela and a stage of the "Chemin du Piémont Pyrénéen" (GR78). As such, since 1998, its main monuments have been inscribed on the Unesco world heritage list as part of the routes to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle.

A place of hospitality, Saint-Lizier retains its Hôtel-Dieu (XNUMXth century) housing the old XNUMXth century Pharmacy. preserved intact, and in which the secrets of ancient remedies are revealed.

A walk through the alleys of the village allows you to discover the beautiful residences of the canons and the Gallo-Roman rampart still in place.

Like Toulouse, Rocamadour, Conques or the Gavarnie circus, the City of Saint-Lizier is classified as a Grand Site Midi-Pyrénées "Ariège Collection".
14 years of history, the "Ariège Collection" of the Grands Sites Midi-Pyrénées invites you to dream and travel. The ariège is a living memory of the eventful and passionate history of men. It preserves within it the most beautiful jewels of art, architecture and human know-how, relive throughout this journey through time, the strength of these testimonies.


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