Free access to the castle all year round, access from the post office in Quérigut.

The castle appears in the documentation in 1208 during the transfer of the rights of Donezan, which belonged to the King of Aragon, from the So family to the Counts of Foix. It is likely that the castle was originally built by the King of Aragon like that of Puyvalador in 1192. Their construction was intended to fix the populations around the royal authority, even if, in reality, c he is a castellan who exercises the rights in the name of the king. Quérigut castle, of which only the main tower (or dungeon) remains today, was much larger. Being adjacent, the Franco-Spanish border passing through the Col des Hares, the incursions from both sides led to the ruin of the two strongholds of Quérigut and Puyvalador: looting, fires and various exactions undermined the walls. In 1710, it is declared irreparable, its dismantling is therefore inevitable and little by little, the inhabitants of the village will reuse the materials to build stone houses.


Ariège Pyrenees

South of Ariège, on the border with Andorra, are the Ariège Pyrenees. Between mountainous landscapes and activities, there are many [...]