Limitation of the number of people per room and compulsory mask to visit.
The Souquet house is home to a former multi-purpose shop: grocery store, hardware store, haberdashery, jewelry store and pious objects which also served as a supply point for hawkers.

The hawkers were greatly expected in the villages: they brought news from the world and novelties, fashion, modernity… Their arrival was each time a small event!
After months of inventory and work, the Boutique des Colporteurs
finally opens its doors!
Ten years old, the heirs of Maison Souquet decided to donate it to the Municipality of Soueix-Rogalle. The shop and the rooms adjacent to the ground floor have been preserved to create a space dedicated to the history of
of the place and the hawkers.
The Boutique des Colporteurs de Soueix has retained the furniture and organization it had at the start of the 1950th century, as well as a large quantity of objects offered for sale from the second half of the XNUMXth century to the XNUMXs, and very important archives relating the transactions which were carried out there.

Open every afternoon in July and August from 15 to 19 p.m., February and Easter school holidays



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