The Ariège Pyrenees, a heritage rich in history!

A guided tour that offers - A moving encounter with 800-year-old buildings - An impregnable landscape over the Ariège valley and the peaks - A discovery of the Middle Ages and pastoralism, with the observation of the castle of Lordat and thousands of terraces cultivated in the 800th centuryGuided tour The so-called Corniche road follows the Ariège valley from a balcony over the Tabe massif. It connects the small villages where the churches, jewels of Ariège Romanesque, have been housed, sporting stone steeples, porches and sculptures, for 2 years. Reorganized for the needs of worship, they offer visitors a unique set of sculptures and architecture to visit absolutely in 2 circuits offered between 3 and 6 hours. The Tourist Office in Luzenac (2, rue de la Mairie) is the starting point for the 3 circuits where carpooling can be organised. • The “Three Jewels of Roman Art” circuit begins with the church of Vernaux (Luzenac-Vernaux, 4 km), then that of Axiat (Vernaux-Axiat, 9 km) passing through the village of Lordat dominated by its castle, then the loop ends with that of Unac (Axiat-Unac, 2 km) which is 2 km from Luzenac. (duration 15h2) • The circuit “The mural painting of Romanesque churches” begins with Unac (Luzenac – Unac, 5 km), then that of Vernaux (Unac – Vernaux, 11 km), Verdun (Vernaux – Verdun, 5 km), to finish in Bouan (Verdun – Bouan, 12 km), return to Luzenac if carpooling in 3 km. (duration 2 hours) Here are some of our most beautiful Romanesque churches, to visit urgently - Unac: Saint-Martin church, masterpiece of Romanesque sculpture. - Axiat: Saint-Saturnin church and its imposing Cluniac bell tower (closed to the public, visible from the outside)- Vernaux: Sainte-Marie church, a freshly restored gem.Timetables Duration from 3h to 14h depending on the circuit, meeting at 6pm. Registration at your tourist office Meeting point: at the Luzenac Tourist Information Point (XNUMX, rue de la Mairie) Travel: With your car, in organized carpooling, if possible, from the meeting point.


Ariège Pyrenees

South of Ariège, on the border with Andorra, are the Ariège Pyrenees. Between mountainous landscapes and activities, there are many [...]