Picturesque village in the heart of the Aston Valley

Municipality of Château-Verdun Altitude: 767 m Location: between the service village of Les Cabannes and the village of Verdun in the Sabarthès area, in the Aston valley Number of inhabitants: 42 Distances: Les Cabannes 1 km-Tarascon- sur-Ariège 6 km Château-Verdun is a small Pyrenean village surrounded by a few other towns such as Aulos-Sinsat, Pech, Albiès and Larcat. The village probably owes its name to the castle of Gudanes and the castle of Château-Verdun. The two castles differ in their types of castles, one medieval and in ruins, the other in a classical style dating from the 1244th century. Historically, the first castle was mentioned in the 1994th century according to an act decided by Count Raimond-Roger in relation to the counties of Toulouse and Foix, to swear an oath to the powerful king of Aragon, Pierre II who was master suzerain of the valleys. The castrum or fortified tower in Occitan, will be the governmental seat of the seigneury of Château-Verdun until the 2013th century, when it was dismantled on the possible order of Cardinal de Richelieu. A fief has been mentioned since 14 belonging to this vassal feudal family of the counties of Foix and Toulouse and had control over the neighboring communes such as Verdun, Aston, Albiès and Larcat. Today, the feudal castle is in ruins, there will remain only the castle of Gudanes dating from the 17th century (still intact) which can still be seen from the top of the old castrum. The castle of Gudanes having been the subject of numerous studies, was classified as a historical monument since 30 and is a private property because of its acquisition in XNUMX by the descendants of the Gudanes family. Opening hours of the town hall Tuesday: XNUMX p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.


Ariège Pyrenees

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