Perched on top of an impressive cliff, the fortress of Roquefixade, since the 100th century, faces that of Montségur. Long of more than XNUMX meters, this fortress is divided into two enclosures. Its access is free and free.

Below, a courtyard surrounded by curtain walls following the ridge line. At the top, the castle itself, accessible by a door tower, a sort of airlock closed by two chicane doors.
The existence of the castle of Roquefixade is attested since 1034. The first known lords are lords of Pailhès, branch of the family of Rabat, and all bear the name of Bernard Amiel de Pailhès. During the crusade against the Albigenses, they were involved in all battles alongside the counts of Toulouse and Foix, of whom they were vassals.
In 1278, the castle was bought by the king who will ensure the maintenance and reorganization of the fortifications and will maintain a garrison there comprising a squire, a lookout, a porter, twelve sergeants and guard dogs.
In 1463, Louis XI returned the castle to Gaston IV, Count of Foix.
In 1632, Louis XIII ordered the dismantling of the castles of Montaut, Tarascon, Labastide de Sérou and Roquefixade.
In 1675, the châtellenie was sold on order to Vital Guilhon de Lestang, Baron de Celles, whose family kept it until the Revolution. It is then sold as national property.


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