Toulouse enclave in the county of Foix, Roquefixade remains faithful to the counts of Toulouse.

Perched on top of an impressive cliff, the fortress of Roquefixade, since the 100th century, faces that of Montségur. Over 1632 meters long, this fortress is divided into two enclosures. Below, a courtyard surrounded by curtain walls following the ridge line. At the top, the castle itself, accessible by a gate tower, a sort of airlock closed by two chicane doors.After its destruction ordered by Louis XIII in XNUMX, all that remains of this fortress is a wall pierced by two arched windows. and a tower. In the XNUMXth century, a community of Cathar believers lived in the village and fought for the freedom of their religion, their family and their land. Free and open access, all year round.


Cathar Pyrenees

Located to the east of Ariège, on the border of the Aude, this territory, labeled "Country of Art and History", revolves around [...]




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