From 22th June 2024

An exceptional international event...

The WFFC France 2024 Committee, in agreement with the departmental Fishing Federations of the departments of Aude, Ariège and Pyrénées Orientales, have selected the following 5 sectors: VICDESSOS, AUDE and TÊT rivers (3 sectors), and Lacs du CARLIT and CAMPORELLS (2 sectors). Our ambition is to provide a unique and eco-responsible experience never before seen in an international fly fishing championship.

The Vicdessos
The Vicdessos is a river 10 to 20 meters wide. The water comes from nearby peaks and is often very cool. Its pebble bottom and rich aquatic fauna make it a favorite place for fly fishermen. All configurations of positions are present on this river, from smooth ones to sandy bottoms, to holes cluttered with large rocks or currents lined with pebbles and large stones. Brown trout of Mediterranean strain are dominant.

The Carlit lakes
The upper Cerdanya has everything to attract sports fishing enthusiasts. The foothills of the imposing Carlit peak host a string of 12 high-altitude bodies of water overlooking the Bouillouses lake. Access to them is relatively simple and quick from the Bouillouses dam (allow 1h30 to reach the highest lake). Within this group of lakes, you will find brown trout as well as “Bouillouses” strain rainbows. The latter reproduces naturally in spring and early summer. On site, signs indicate the names of each lake and access is marked.

The Tet
The Têt is a coastal river in the Pyrénées-Orientales which has its source near Pic Carlit. It is blocked in its upstream part by the Bouillouses dam (hydroelectricity) and the Vinça dam further down (reservoir for irrigation). Until the latter, the watercourse is likened to a mountain watercourse where brown trout thrive.

The Camporells lakes
The lakes of the Camporells group are located at the foot of Pic Péric. Accessible, among other places, by Formiguères, it takes 1 hour 30 minutes to walk from the Formiguères ski resort to be able to access the site and lure the magnificent brown trout which have taken up residence in these clear waters. The ten or so lakes in this group are populated only by brown trout, whose color is punctuated with splendid black and red spots.

On the downstream part, the river widens and becomes a lowland watercourse with a much gentler slope. The profile is completely different from the upper part and more suited to the development of common shadows.

Fishing will be reserved for participants exclusively on the length of watercourses concerned by the competition from Sunday June 23 (0:00 a.m.) to Friday June 28, 2024 (16:00 p.m.). The Vicdessos between the Capounta waterfall (commune of Auzat) and the mouth with the Ariège (commune of Tarascon/Ariège) as well as the Ariège between the confluence with the Oriège (commune of Ax les Thermes) and the threshold of Bompas (municipality of Bompas) are concerned.


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